Born of the basic elements of earth, sand, water and and pottery have been an essential part of developing civilizations from the very beginning.

Many believe the  "potter" to be the first craftsman, dating as far back as the prehistoric caveman.

While the earliest records of glassmaking date back to 3000 BC. 

After 8,000 years, glass & pottery still fulfill our everyday needs

and enrich our surroundings.


In 1923 the Associated Glass & Pottery Manufactures was formed to "encourage and protect trade and commerce in glassware and pottery by holding public exhibitions of

articles of glassware and pottery from time to time and educating the public in the usefulness of such."

This partnership continues its mission to this day...

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about the AGPM members:

Blenko Glass Company, Inc. ~ Burley Clay Products, Inc. ~ CMS USA  Inc. ~ CIRM Custom Decorating (Zenan USA) ~  Custom Deco, Inc. ~ Fenton Art Glass Co. ~ Glassautomatic/Rolf Glass ~ Hall China Co.  Hartstone Pottery ~ Homer Laughlin China Co. ~ Jeanette Specialty Glass Co. ~ Lenox, Inc.
McCoy Limited ~ Susquehanna Glass Co.   ~ W. C. Bunting Co., Inc. ~ Youghiogheny Glass Co.


 Individual AGPM members:

Kenneth Dalzell - Dalzell-Viking

Robert Gonze - St George Crystal, Glassworks WV

Diane Keller - Salem China

John Potts - Lenox, Treasured Editions




Our mission is to conduct activities that benefit the U.S. manufacturers of pottery
and glass that produce home decor, gift, tableware and hospitality products.


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