In past years, the Project Committee has recommended an annual amount to be spent on scholarships to the Board of Directors to help students with majors that would assist glass and pottery manufacturing in the United States. Students at such schools such as Alfred University, Rhode Island School of Design, University of Missouri at Rolla have benefited from this program. Please share with us details about your studies and if our Project Committee has supported such a program for this fiscal year, you could be considered for such a scholarship.


In various years the Project Committee has recommended an annual amount to be spent on internships to the Board of Directors for internships to glass and pottery manufacturing organizations located in the United States. The host companies do not necessarily have to be members of the Association. The program has varied over the years, but currently, when approved by the Board, the program establishes a lump sum amount which will be provided to a manufacturer to cover the interns pay and the administrative company costs by the company for an internship.

If you are interested in having an internship paid for by the Association, please print, complete and email your specific interests to our organization. As part of your email, please include your contact information, current educational status, desired location and time of internship and we will see what can be arranged.

Should the Association have established a budget for internships during its fiscal year, details will be listed below.

Sorry. There are no internships available at this time.

Job Openings

Member organizations that still manufacture in the United States always have openings for highly qualified individuals interested in working in the American glass and pottery manufacturing organizations. Our members may have posted specific jobs on this site, but most importantly we would be pleased to receive your cover letter sharing the type of work that you seek and resume and we would be pleased to pass it on to our members. Please email these details to our contact on this website.

Sorry. There are no job openings available at this time.