There are no future scholarships or internships that will be offered by the Association as of June 2022. Please see our sunset plan for information on organizations we will be supporting in the next year. There however job openings at our members facilities including Fiesta Tableware, Burley Clay and Blenko Glass. Please contact these organizations directly for further information.


This scholarship and internship program has ended as of June 2022. There however job openings at our members facilities including Fiesta Tableware, Burley Clay and Blenko Glass. Please contact these organizations directly for further information.


  • Glass & Pottery Manufacturers Internship

    There are no internships planned at this time.

Job Openings

Member organizations that still manufacture in the United States always have openings for highly qualified individuals interested in working in the American glass and pottery manufacturing organizations. Our members may have posted specific jobs on this site, but most importantly we would be pleased to receive your cover letter sharing the type of work that you seek and resume and we would be pleased to pass it on to our members. Please email these details to our contact on this website.

  • Blenko Glass Glass Blower

    Job Description Summary:
    Blenko Glass, in Milton WV, has a 127 year history of handmade glass in America. The name has long been associated with hand-blown sheet glass, architectural glass, and well designed gift and tableware production. For decades the Blenko name has been a leader in mid-century design and Modernism. The list of glass artists who have been designers at Blenko include Joel Myers and Hank Adams.
    Blenko is living history - generations of collective hot glass skill, the opportunity to work with raw batched glass in a variety of colors, and a treasure of historic processes and techniques. In a century old setting, it is a priceless workspace that enables learning opportunities and hands on access to hot glass.
    What is Sought:
    A strong team of three to four highly motivated glass workers with experience, passion and ambition. This team will consist of four individual jobs. Two Apprentices and two Experienced Glassblowers.
    This post is for the Experienced Glassblower role only. 5+ years experience required.
    Experienced Glassblower:
    Glassblowers work as part of a team blowing, opening and finishing glass to ensure first quality glass production standards are met. The successful candidates will be able to work with several different makers on a variety of pieces and both in a lead or supporting role. Glassblowers will gather, shape, and blow a wide assortment of glass items. Glassblowers at Blenko work in an environment that emphasizes manufacturing principles, while ensuring the artistic beauty of each piece. This is not a studio glassblowing position, but rather a full-time production role in a fast paced and intensive environment.
    Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
    ● Open and finish glass prepared by less skilled team member, or gathering and blowing in support of more skilled makers
    ● Gather, shape, block, and blow into a mould
    ● Hand finish to tight quality control specifications
    ● Train and support the growth of less skilled team members, as appropriate
    ● Maintain a safe work environment following all protocol and safety standards
    ● Demonstrate sound judgment from learned knowledge to assess and solve problems as they arise in the production process
    ● Solicit constructive feedback from more experienced co-workers ● Maintain the shop area, equipment, tools, moulds, etc.
    ● Meet and maintain a high level of respect for customers and co-workers while representing the company during the working day
    Secondary Duties and Responsibilities:
    ● Contribute, along with other glassblowers, in setting up the shop for production and clean-up of the shop area at the end of each shift
    ● Be aware of systems and processes and embrace a LEAN mindset looking for opportunities to make production more efficient
    Required Qualifications:
    ● Available to work 6:00AM - 2:30PM (Summer), Monday - Friday, SOME Saturdays
    ● Available to work 7:00AM - 3:30PM (Winter), Monday - Friday, SOME Saturdays
    ● 5+ years of glass production, ideally in a production environment
    ● Experience training and sharing knowledge with other glass workers
    ● Willingness and ability to work as part of a team
    ● Must be able to lift up to twenty (20) pounds of glass on a frequent basis and lift up to 50lb. cast iron mould
    ● Ability to comprehend written and verbal instructions and communication and effectively communicate ideas and/or instructions to other members of the organization
    ● Basic math skills a must to understand production needs and requirements
    ● Ability to communicate with customers and explain process while working Compensation:
    Compensation and benefits based on experience.
    All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, protected veteran status, national origin, disability status, or protected veteran status. Blenko Glass Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
    Job Type: Full-time
    Salary: $16.00 to $20.00 /hour